MindHack Digest: The One-Handed Shooter

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Karoly Takacs was a hungarian pistol shooter in the army. In 1936, since he was a sergeant and not a commissioned officer, Keroly was denied to compete in the 1936 Summer Olympics. But this restriction was lifted afterwords and Karoly prepared himself for the 1940 Berlin Olympics.

He had only one dream. He wanted to make his right hand the best shooting hand in the world. But in a tragic incident as he was all set for the Olympic Gold, in 1938, due to a grenade blast, his right hand was very badly injured. In this situation he had two options. Either cry for what happened or not to accept his fate and defeat it. And he chose the second option and begin his training with what he had, his left hand.

He trained secretly with his left hand for a year and appeared in the 1939 National Championships. Everyone was competing with their best shooting hand and he was shooting with his only shooting hand…and WON!

It was a miracle and the world expected him to win the 1940 Berlin Olympics. But fate tested him again. The World War II broke out and the olympics were cancelled. Karoly did not stop and kept practicing for the 1944 games, but to his bad luck it was too cancelled for the war. Yet he didn’t give up and kept practicing for the 1948 olympics.

Now we all know one thing that in sports everyone has a peak age. And also after a certain age the sportsperson retires. Normally that age is between 20 to 40. And when he was up to the 1948 olympics, he was already 38. But for this legend age didn’t matter. And the 1948 games began and shooters all over the world came to participate with their best shooting hand whereas our hero came with his only shooting hand.

And the man with the only shooting hand won. But this SON OF A GUN didn’t stop. He began preparing for the 1952 olympics. In the 1952 olympics, he was aged 42. He came again with his only shooting hand and defended his title. He won two consecutive Gold Medals in the Olympic Games. No one has ever been able to that even with good conditions such as Peak age or best shooting hand.

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